Taxibeat's smartphone app, you choose your taxi driver

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Here, we have an innovative application that is simple and unique. It allows you to localise and contact, at any hour, the closest to you taxi.

Have you ever tried to get a taxi in a big city like Paris on a Friday or Saturday evening ? Or at the exit of the train station on a Sunday evening? Each time, you have the choice to either queue at the terminal or wait on the telephone for the taxi call line to take your call.

With TaxiBeat, you dont have to do either of those ! This start-up business, founded in Greece, where the taxi services are even worse than those in France - longer queues at the terminals and longer waiting times on the telephone - is a genuine revolution. Download the free application on your iPhone or Android, and then, use the « geolocation » feature.

The application will then tell you which taxies are near and give you their distance from you, in respect to your position.

Also, it will give you the name of the driver, the rating given to him by his previous passengers, his response time, the brand and type of the car, and the on-board services (Wi-Fi, air conditioner, portable charger, whether animals are allowed or not, spoken languages, etc.).

You can choose a taxi from the application and call it if you have a request. You will be able to follow the taxis journey to you. Advantage: the car's licence number will be given to you beforehand, which will aid you in finding it.

Once in the car, the applications geolocalization allows you to track the cars movement. This will allow you, if necessary, to verify that the driver is not taking a detour just to increase his fare.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will have nothing to pay apart from the taxi fare - it is the driver who will pay a commission to TaxiBeat. On your part, you will only have to mark the driver and give a commentary on his services in order to help improve the application.

TaxiBeat is available, among other places, in Paris, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Oslo, Bucharest… and continues its expansion across the world.

You can download Taxibeat on the App Store or Google Play.

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