Selltic - The augmented reality experience

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The augmented reality that can enhance sales performance. Today, the world is adopting the concept of virtual fitting and augmented reality.

Selltic allows the client to see the proposed product thoroughly to have a clearer idea of the product before buying.

Whether it is for the traditional distribution or for the E-commerce, this augmented reality system will be able to provide innovative services which can deliver major economic and industrial benefits.

The objective of these new technologies is to make it possible for the consumer to immerse themselves visually in a virtual environment to know the product better before buying it.

Launched in April 2009, DiotaSoft has developed its services to some large industrial groups, by offering services in the areas of interactive 3D virtual reality and augmented reality. Since its inception, they are always researching on technological innovation. DiotaSoft has expanded rapidly ever since, and it is now the expertise in the field of mobility platforms such as Android and iOS.

During 2010, the company has developed a range of software solutions with high added value to enhance the sales performance. Under the brand Selltic , DiotaSoft successfully introduce the tablets that can also include technology vision, virtual reality and augmented reality.

With these « 3rd millennium sales tools », you can experience the virtual dressing room right in front of your eyes. Indeed, the seller may submit the product in the real context, but it can also be customised virtually in all possible forms requested by the customer.

tablets, kiosks and vertical shop windows

For example, a car dealership can use the augmented reality tablet to point to the vehicle, and customise the vehicle for the customer by changing the color or the rims right in front of the customer. The demonstration is spectacular. Augmented reality not only improves the user experience from the client's view, but also helps to retain the distributor that offers such a device.

Despite the consultative sales which concerns in particular the real estate and the automobile, Selltic can also use in the form of tablets, kiosks and vertical shop windows (showcases). People can imagine applications well beyond the home or shop.

Selltic - The augmented reality experience


[1] Credit : Diotasoft - Home (screenshot)
[2] Illustrations source Selltic

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