Twikle, the barometer of news via social networks

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In recent weeks, a new platform allows you to watch news, trends and analysis. Twikle is an Internet platform published by the Natevia company.

As a matter of fact, Twikle classifies the most shared content on social media networks. Most marketers usually wonder what makes a piece of news the most shared on Facebook or re-tweeted. Well, until now we had mostly statistical tools, to the detriment of synthetic formatting for reading-friendly pages. And most importantly, there was no selective gathering information from social networks, so that it could not establish objectively what really made the news on Facebook and Twitter and what was not newsworthy.

The start-up Natevia, came in to fill this gap. Now it is possible to know what makes news in the social networks, with a categorization (Top Stories, World, Business, Technology, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Spotlight) which gives a more accurate trend about news on social web. From newspaper articles, blog posts, photos, videos, and much more, nothing escapes algorithm Twikle.

The news that are the buzz are highlighted with an illustration, a summary of the contents, a selection of comments from users who have shared, and of course with a link to the original source.

From information gotten from the social Web, Twikle algorithm can view a real news portal, update the internet continuously. The importance of the tool is that it allows you to make sense of the overwhelming social media content and select the pieces of information that are most popular with a hierarchy of occurrence. When this hierarchy is established, it is possible to judge how important a piece of news is.

That being said, twikle claims that its users have reacted positively to their app. However, some people are still wondering why twikle will not explain things like why a certain video will be more successful than another. This should be the role of web analysts, professionals or amateurs cannot be replaced by a tool that looks for the moment, a simple barometer of Web 2.0.

The platform, available in beta, is being launched simultaneously in five countries: France, United Kingdom, Spain,Germany.

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