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For a sales professional or a student in business school, is one of those sites that you must know.

This is because it accelerates the diffusion of information and knowledge. The best part is that this social network offers true gains from the commercial businesses. is a community site that provides some useful helps in the commercial field. The purpose of this site is to facilitate the exploration, to develop the sales techniques and sharing information to collaborate with each other. In short, it is a special digital service which cannot be found elsewhere!

The co-founder of the site, Stéphane Chaillou said that: « Formerly, people that involved in commercial business often manually exchanged contacts between them. Salezeo modifies and improves the exchange system by creating a universal collaborative database that is accessible to all. » Indeed, thanks to this collaborative database, each sales member of the site can contact his prospective buyers directly.

In fact, Salezeo thinks that the contacts that are unnecessary for a sales professional might prove to be useful for other users, and vice versa. Members of Salezeo can simply enter the commercial contacts that are unnecessary and acquire useful credits. They will be given access to the information of the prospective customers which corresponds to their needs.

Imagine how many prospects you can earn in a few minutes with all these business cards cluttering up your premises. Salezeo is a platform that people can exchange contacts between the particular businesses. This is the reason why has very active forum and good sales techniques.

The members of will find that the ideas and events are very useful too. Besides, good tips, news, resources and tips are also available. Finally, it should be noted that this social network offers quality services that are absolutely free with features to share information on the other networks.

The best part is that it is possible to synchronise the information with your Linkedin account. Of course, you are required to register as a member on the website. A member will be able to take advantage of all the benefits in terms of business development.


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