Car Rental Between Private Individuals

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The French startup VoitureLib is transforming car hire. Their website is attracting increasing numbers of people looking to find a way to drive more economically.

On the one hand, individuals can earn money by renting out their car at times when it would otherwise be idle. On the other, those looking to rent a vehicle save money, quickly finding cars available across France.

VoitureLib's pioneering approach offers an ecological, collaborative approach to vehicle use that benefits everyone.

After two years of activity they are experiencing an average monthly growth of 30% and have raised € 2 million for ongoing investment. This will help with marketing, with development of the innovative technology behind the service and will ensure excellent customer service.

At a time when the cost of getting around has never been greater, this car sharing platform delivers the best of both worlds. The website's clean interface and clever search engine - which offers rapid geographical vehicle location - offers the ideal tool for those with a car available and those who need to rent one.

The site is easy to use for all concerned. Individuals looking to hire can select vehicles to rent not just by location but also by price. Those considering hiring their car out can get all the answers they need on one comprehensive page. As the leading company in this sector in France, and indeed one of the foremost in the world, VoitureLib have already paid out more than a million Euros to vehicle owners.

The VoitureLib service is available whether you want to lease your car regularly or on an ad hoc basis and can be a great help in managing the cost of running your vehicle. From an end user's point of view the reduced hire costs are equally advantageous.

The service is also keeping pace with innovations in mobile communications and you can download free Apps for both the iOS via the Apple Store and Android via Google Play.


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