is free of charge and is expanding its services

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Specialising in creating business cards online, the French start-up offers services based on the Freemium model.

If you liked the service, which allows you to quickly create your card online, you will love the new version of even more. It is free of charge, and in addition it is expanding its services.

In addition to the card, it is now possible to create directories, group photos and charts. This is very useful for companies and associations which often use social networks, such as Ning.

Furthermore, it is possible to create an account and then log in using an existing account on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is no username or password to remember! The principle remains simple: each member creates his or her personal business card that can be published or shared in a private circle, within an organization.

The team behind the project announced some new useful features, such as synchronization with Google Apps and the ability to create a chart that represents the hierarchical structure of the organization.

Another advantage: it is possible to customize the appearance of This allows a company to assert its identity on the Web and strengthen the sense of belonging of its employees.

But if a product becomes free before paid for, how is it funded ?

In fact, it is not totally free. It is a « Freemium », meaning that the basic version is free, but the premium version is not.

The services which are provided in the Premium offer should be revealed soon on . The purpose of this change is to increase the number of potential customers by first developing the basic free membership.

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