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At the Web 2.0, work, productivity and well-being go hand in hand the recipe for good business is using CoffeePoke at the time of a coffee break.

The startup in Paris proposes to deploy its application CoffeePoke via a social network within the company. The goal is to create a friendly atmosphere between employees who work for the same company while facilitating internal communication.

Since 2011, the co-founders, Antoine Pic, Edouard Bardet and Evrard Larousse, using their culture and knowledge began to develop a concept of « virtual break 2.0. ». Coffeepoke does not replace the traditional coffee break. The essence of this project is to bring the idea of a large knowledge base together in business during a coffee break.

Why choose this particular moment of relaxation ? The coffee break is a moment where you can share and discuss everything and anything especially if there are lots of ideas floating around. It is essential for employees to meet, discuss and develop links between them to improve productivity.

But the coffee break is also a meeting place that does not really circulate all the info and therefore these exchanges can be extremely beneficial for the company.

Hence the idea of founding a solution collaboratively, through a corporate social network on TV screens to work better together.

Specifically, the app CoffeePoke allows all company employees to post comments, share documents, photos and videos and also share links. The solution accelerates the spread of news and knowledge which can take a while in real time.

What CoffeePoke also offers is a multi-platform linking the mobile, television and the web. With an interface similar to Twitter, CoffeePoke is clean and easy to take in and be understood by the users.

The social network is accessible from all Web 2.0 tools (PC, tablet, smartphone) and broadcasts a continuous flow of information on TV screens placed in the company. CoffeePoke is a communication tool, intuitive, ergonomic, which will help employees to forge a link between them and work more productively.

Another advantage CoffeePoke is that it can be deployed quickly, does not require heavy installation or purchase licenses for an affordable price.


[1] Images Credit : By CoffeePoke - Home (Screenshot)

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