Privacyfix Helps You Control Your Privacy Online

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Companies on the web, from search engines to shopping sites, gather confidential information about your online browsing. This practice perfectly legal as long as it is announced in the conditions of use and you are given the option to block them or turn the settings off in your browser.

However, there is also an extension that can instantly verify your internet privacy settings. Privacyfix is free and, once installed on your browser, will monitor your personal security parameters and inform you immediately if anything is incorrect.

With this extension you can choose to filter out certain types of data that might normally escape your notice or force you to compromise between privacy and functionality.

PrivacyFix is an application developed by PrivacyChoice, whose founders are Jim Brock, a well-respected entrepreneur in the ICT sector, and Jason Beatty, a leading technology expert. As Jim Brock explained : « It is important that people understand that their data has real value » . Founded in 2009, the startup PrivacyChoice has also created other applications such as PolicyMaker and TrackerBlock.

When Privacyfix is installed on your browser, you receive an alert if ever your security settings don't match your preferences. The program also analyzes any issues related to the privacy of your settings on Google and Facebook.

rivacyfix Helps You Control Your Privacy Online

With this extension, your accounts are frequently scanned and checked for irregularities, thus ensuring full protection of your privacy. Privacyfix is quickly set up using just four multi-fucntion tabs that let you set levels of protection, disable means of tracking and choose the risk level you are comfortable with.

Privacyfix does not retain IP addresses, nor does it record your web browsing history. It is a completely free tool that you can install safely in your browser. It starts automatically during the installation and will perform a thorough analysis of your level of privacy in just a few seconds.


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