CultCut, cult film references sent straight to your mobile

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Cultcut is an app that houses a large compilation of cult film references, that you can send to your friends. on iPhone and Android phones.

Cult films are a part of our everyday lives, using phrases '"I'll be back" like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, many of our normal conversations borrow from the cinema.

The principle of CultCut, a French start-up, is to create a bank of short videos of replica videos that users can easily use in emails, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. The app is available right now for owners of an Android phone or an iPhone. It lets you add a sparkle to your messages, using the compilation of the best replicas phrases of cinema history.

If you have a friend who has an all controlling attitude to everything? You could send them «Just let go» in the style of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. If someone takes life just too seriously, send them « Why so serious ? » from the Joker in The Dark Knight.

To avoid any copyright issues, CultCut does not allow quotes from any films released in the last five years. So you wont be sending anything from the latest Batman movie.

You will also notice that all the videos are limited to 14 seconds. Again this is due to the legal issues and only very short video clips are permitted.

They give you the ability to not only add the video to your messages but also access to a wide variety of information about the original film. The director, the year of release, the story of the film and more clips.

You can even add your own « Cut » when you join the community of CultCut. Your « Cut » will be added to the collection of over 2,000 other short videos.

Cultcut is free on all smartphones in the iOS AppStore and for Androids on GooglePlay.

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