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A few months after the phenomenal success of its iPhone version of the application, the startup DJiT launches the iPad version of its application eDjing DJ Turntable.

Accessible to all, the application synchronizes the tempo, you can remix and apply effects to amazing musical pieces.

The DJ profession has evolved thanks to digital technology, along with the technique of mixing becoming more playful and somewhat popular through the apps available.

Now, you can easily mix on the iPhone or iPad with a DJing application. Developed by the start-up DJiT, Edjing DJ Turntable has become in recent months, a music application must have, but a product that has been made purely in France.

The startup launched in 2009, Jean-Baptiste Hironde and Nicolas Dupré aimed to create a publishing company of innovative music applications. The application is successful because it offers not only a miniature mixer of high quality but also the first mixing platform in the world available online. is the 1st platform on the Web that allows listening, sharing and mixing more than 20 million video clips in high-quality.

Since the start-up has launched its application freely available on the app store, Edjing DJ Turntable is in the world's top downloaded free apps. With this application, you will really enjoy yourself, scratch, create effects, mix and compile songs to enliven the evenings.

So you can import songs from the Deezer music catalogue online and also access your iTunes library. It includes the standard effects available on the iPhone version. In addition, the software features a gyroscope, a new innovation to mix a rather fun « Mix n Move ».

Specifically, using your body language, you can snap 5 types of effects that start GyroFX according to your movements. Finally in the online shop you can get additional effects : Double Flipping, Reverse, Equalizer, Auto Scratch, Reverbs.

This application for iPhone/iPod and iPad is available for free on the App Store and the store also allows you to purchase additional effects.

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