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How to Find an Effective Name for a Web

To create a maximum impact on other minds with a maximum impact on the web, you must choose a strong brand name.
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Here are some ways to overcome this challenge in stages and successfully launch a website or a startup. With more than 2 billion Internet users worldwide, potential visitors are available in millions, but before they visit your website, you must be able to capture their attention in the SERPs.

Mission impossible? No, as long as the objectives have been set correctly to find an effective brand name.

In the initial stages, it is preferable to choose a name of an eye-catching website that already talks about a product or service, especially if the users do not know the nature of your business. To be effective, the name should highlight the benefits of a product or service. For example, announce a new concept or talk about the qualities of a certain product that makes a difference.

On and off the Internet, Having a strong brand name that explains something is a very essential factor because like the name of the product, the name of the website can influence your success.

Another point to consider concerns the availability of your domain name because it is important for the brand to correspond to an available domain name. To find our name without a question of improvising or without hurrying, it is good on the contrary, to do prior thinking with a research methodology.

Methodology of finding a brand name

1. The Preparatory Stage

It is necessary to analyse the situation to define specifications..

a) Evaluate: The target and the ambition of the brand on the Internet

  • Who is your website for ?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses ?
  • What image does the brand give your users ?
  • What names do the competing websites use ?
  • What is the objective of communication ?
  • What is the level of communication, national or international ?
  • In what country ?

After completing this questionnaire, you can now:.

b) Final: The general name search

  • What language to communicate in ?
  • Would you like to create a new word ?
  • Will it be easy to remember or not ?
  • Will it be short ?

2. The Creative Phase

Once the priorities and constraints are defined, you proceed to creation. This requires bringing together a group to react on the project. People responsible for marketing, communication, as well as production are invited to a meeting of participatory led by a facilitator.

This working session should allow you to obtain a maximum of proposals and ideas are worth noting, even the most eccentric. At the end of this brainstorming, you should be able to come up with 200 proposals.

This is the time to make a first selection and create a short-list apart from the objectives and constraints of hidden charges. In this lat exercise, remember the most relevant proposals. The working group must lead a selection of a dozen names chosen anonymously by the participants.

3. The WHOIS Validation

The last step is often complicated, hence the importance of having at least 5 names. Indeed, the opportunities to make right choices are reduced with the more than 300 million domain names that exist around the world. The solution consists of, for example, to create a combination of two words, or only seek the domain extensions for the Whois WHOIS (.com,.uk…).


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