Mozilla Launches Firefox Social Browser

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Future versions of Firefox browser will have integrated Social API. The non-profit organization is now developing its latest Web API (application programming interface) that has the potential to make a big splash on the Net.

Thus Firefox moves forward to the beta version with its new Social API interface that you can try out on Facebook Messenger. This app is really slick in design and functionality.

After listening to user comments and following market trends, Mozilla, promoter of free software and OpenSearch standards, has had to innovate to compete with its competitors.

The stakes are high, because according to current trends regarding shares of the browser market, Chrome (33.81%) dominates the world market with Internet Explorer (32.04%), followed by Firefox (23.73%).

The idea of a social browser is not new; other browsers such as Flock, Rockmelt or Thunderbird-email already use social functions which allow them to bring together streams from social networking sites, or share favourites on Facebook or Twitter. The aim now is to master all the facets of the social web in order to develop a browser suitable for the new digital applications of internet users and set a social web standard. To this end Mozilla has signed a beta-testing partnership with Facebook.

(Mozilla Launches Firefox Social Browser From July to Sept)

It is a bold bet since social networks still raise issues regarding confidentiality. Mozilla, anticipating such reactions, announces an increase in social interaction but with maximum confidentiality and respect for privacy. Facebook will have no access to browser data and any data in transit will be encrypted. The message is clear on the download page: « Experience the first browser that protects your interests. »

Here's how the company defines this innovative feature: « Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the browser (Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide) in a way that is meaningful and helpful to users. »

The primary objective of this application is to allow developers to integrate social networks from the browser without the need for plugins. The second is to give users the ability to interact more easily with social networks. The browser being thus enriched with new advanced social functions means that users can easily join a conversation or follow their contacts. According to Mozilla, « You can stay connected to your favourite social network even while you are playing games or surfing the web. »

Of note amongst the innovations: this new beta is now an integral part of the OS X 10.8. notification centre. The developers have also improved the performance of the start page and inserted a sidebar to allow users to follow Facebook contacts without having to use tabs or a web page.

This new version, redesigned to do more than just navigate, should clearly stick as close as possible to the expectations of users, and also of the developers. This beta version can be downloaded from this page Firefox Bêta , and if you want to test these new features you just have to log-in to Facebook as you would normally.


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