Potati, the first secure browser for children

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Both reassuring for parents and educational for children, Potati, is a portal with a wide selection of content to visit and an efficient browser to ensure each child's surfing security.

The internet is an amazing tool, but is also an open network through which one can access all types of information; one might encounter some disturbing photographs or videos, which may cause offence to some individuals, especially to children.

Since the inception of the web, nobody had thought of an effective solution to ensure the safety of internet browsing for our youngsters.

That is, until the introduction in 2000, of Potati, the brainchild of Bertrand Levy, former Marketing Director of Universal Music Major. This web entrepreneur and his team developed the concept of pre-selecting content from a web browser, deemed suitable for children.

Aiming to combine programs, games and websites on its portal, that are specifically designed to appeal to children aged between three and twelve years old.

Potati is a dedicated section for youngsters, a kind of internet bubble, prohibiting them from surfing other areas without parental consent. If a child should click on an inappropriate link, or returns a forbidden URL, the search locks.

Available as a free download, the browser is available on Windows or Mac systems. This free version incorporates browsing limits of one hour per day and three hours per week.

However, if your children use the internet more often, a lifetime's unlimited access is also available, for a one-off fee of €29.90. The portal's areas are carefully selected to appeal to youngsters, in terms of education, games, colouring, cartoons and videos as well as general browsing needs.

Primarily, this tool is dedicated to awakening the enthusiasm of younger children. Parents can be reassured and secure in the knowledge that with Potati’s help, all of their children’s browsing will be protected and safe.


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