The first FlyBoard World Cup Championships in Doha

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Being held since May 2012, the Flyboard has received an unprecedented welcome with during its initial months, with the international audience won over by this new discipline to the extreme.

The first official competition takes place in Qatar from 18 to 21 October. The competition is the first World Championship for flyboarding to be hosted by Doha. The sporting event would be held for 4 consecutive days and would feature some of the best Flyboarders from close to 21 countries.

Flyboarding is a unique concept that combines sports and technology. The discipline allows you, among other things, to fly over the sea like a bird, or dive and forth water like a dolphin. In short, flyboarding enables all different acrobatic moves that one can imagine of. The Flyboard is a new sport designed and developed by a French inventor and sportsman, Franky Zapata, jetski pilot and multiple international champion.

The realization of this aquatic Jetpack started in spring 2011 and which gave birth in a few months to a machine aquatic, which was specially designed to enable acrobatic moves in the air as well as under water. Technically, the system is composed of a water jetpack and a jet-ski, connected by a pipe.

When the turbine jet skiing are running, they provide water for your drive. The Flyboard is then propelled by a powerful jet of water to a height of about 6 meters. The propulsion system attached underfoot is controlled by the driver with manual controls.

After the final UIM World Championship in China last September, which brought millions of fans to watch on Youtube exploits, another Championship will certainly give a unique identity to the sport. The extreme sports surely, with fifty specialists from all disciplines and water freeriders including French and Stéphane Laurent Calliot Prayas, will be a thrilling experience for the viewers.

The result of World Cup Flyboard is

  • 1: Prayas Stephane France
  • 2: Bergrund Petter Sweden
  • 3: Andrews Trey USA
  • 4: Sataporn Srirang Thailand

Accrochez-vous ! c'est le premier championnat du monde de Flyboard, originally published in French.


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