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In recent years as the way people have listened to music has changed, audio streaming sites such as Deezer and Spotify have become increasingly popular.

In recent years as the way people have listened to music has changed, audio streaming sites such as Deezer and Spotify have become increasingly popular.

However, users of sites such as Deezer find it frustrating that they cannot listen to the music they want without having to be subjected to adverts. From France comes the latest challenger to the thrones long held by audio streaming sites Spotify and Deezer.

What is different about Dessbox? Well for one thing it is completely 100% free.

The startup Dessbox was recently launched by Adrian, Quentin and Jean-Mathieu, three young students at an engineering school in Central Paris. They noted that two thirds of young people use YouTube as their main source of music.

They have based the structure of the site on YouTube's content but given users the ability to create playlists that are more organised and look much better than the ones you can create on YouTube. Dessbox goes further still though, by categorising songs by the artists who perform them, but also by the type of atmosphere the music would suit.

For instance a relaxed and chilled out piece of music may be classified as having a « lounge » atmosphere. There is also the ability to choose music based on genre through the various « radio stations ». All the usual genres are covered, everything from electro, rap, R 'n' B and pop rock to jazz, soul, classical, world and even sacred music.

As Dessbox fully understands the positive aspects of social media, they have incorporated this into their services. Users can listen to what their friends are listening to and share with others what is on their playlists.

There is even the option for users to create a playlist collectively with their friends and subscribe to friends playlists. In addition they can listen to new music or genres and artists they are unfamiliar with based on their own tastes and their friend’s tastes.

At this point it remains to be seen whether Dessbox will rise to the challenge of being serious competition for the likes of Deezer and Spotify, as it is not available in English or on smartphones yet.

However, once it is the giants of the audio streaming industry may have something to be worried about.

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