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In constant evolution, Klout is amplifying the criteria feeding its algorithms as it handles a multi-billion mass of data to measure e-reputation.

This tool is becoming a veritable observation-post of digital influence, with key indicators for developing a social media strategy. For two years now the Internet has been undergoing profound changes; the Mountain View firm tracks poor quality netlinking in order to improve results in its search-engine pages. It is a strategy that raises a lot of feedback on the net, so much so that one comes to wonder if mastery of the art of SEO still exists nowadays for the placing of a website in Serps.

So, have optimisation strategies for search engines come to a standstill ? It is hard to say; SEO is moving towards the social web, and by now SMO (Social Media Optimization) has become recognised as a strategy to increase its popularity. Quality content, not over-optimised, needs to be produced, because search engines estimate the value of a web-page through the opinions of users.

While Google attaches more importance to social media and integrates Google+ into its search results, Bing, which already includes Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Quora , has signed a major partnership agreement with Klout to mutually post the results of the two platforms. Klout, which measures the degree of e-reputation of users, and also brand-names, thus becomes a pilot tool of the social web.

The company has announced this autumn that the « Klout » score will be displayed on Bing. It now takes Facebook pages into account (official announcement) in its influence measuring calculations. Klout is now recognised as an influence observer, allowing it to guide its networking and analyse everything that happens on social networks.

Klout has become important for the blogger, the web editor and brand-names. It is now possible to launch marketing campaigns to make loyalty clients of influencers through business/company pages « Brand Squads ».

Here is one of the key indicators of Klout Score: Influence matrix

klout analyse votre influence(klout a social influence metric)

Klout’s matrix of influence offers different types of influencers. This is a holistic look at your influence and how you use it. The Klout Influence Matrix identifies these specific 16 types: Syndicator, Feeder, Curator, Broadcaster, Tastemaker, Celebrity, ThoughtLeader, Pundit, Dabbler, Explorer, Conversationalist, Observer, Socializer, Networker, Specialist, Activist. The cool feature is the influence matrix. Many users do not give great importance to this matrix.

Check also Lisa Barone, co-founder and chief branding officer of Outspoken Media, in contrast, proposes a simpler list in Small Business Trends: The Five Types of Influencers On The Web.

Klout, votre influence et la nouvelle ère du référencement social, originally published in French.

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