Vine: the new social media phenomenon

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Vine is a new service recently launched on Twitter, it's a free app that will allow you to record and share a short video within a tweet.

Released in January, it has already become the buzz on the Internet and suggests great opportunities for the future.

Vine offers users the chance to create a short six second video that is directly shared on social networks. The set up is simple: once you have downloaded the free Vine app, you login to your Twitter account or are invited to sign up for a new one. The only downside is that the app is currently only available in the App Store and for the iPhone.

You can already do all of this with any current phone, but the specialty of Vine is in its ability to cut video and save multiple images that are then mounted in a loop. Once your video is complete, you can share it on all social networks.

Allowing you to film and share moments of your daily lives. Just like using a Gif, you must be creative to exploit the true potential of viral Vine on social networks.

The viral potential of Vine has already been realised by out of work TV presenter, Siff Dawn, who produced a six second looping CV to explain her skills and attract a large volume of attention.

This potential has already been spotted by enterprising web authors, with site like Vinepeek or VineRoulette already popping up, to help share Vine videos created by users and therefore an easy target for your personal viral campaign. Naturally the Twitter base of Vine will allow you to search using #vine to see what everyone else is posting.

Vine has only been available since January yet it is already listed in the top 14 of most downloaded applications on the App Store.

Simply proving that Vine has the makings of a great and should become the Instagram of the short video world. You can download Vine on the App Store.

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