Create and share full 360 degree panoramas in seconds !

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Revolutionary ! Enjoy the 360 degree panoramic photography techniques with Pixeet. Being able to carry out spherical panoramas and virtual tours easily is no longer a dream but a reality.

This system combines an application and a fisheye objective lens that fits the iPhone to film everything that occurs around you.

Pixeet 360 is high quality optical equipment and a technology of which any amateur photographer would have dreamed of.

From now on, you can capture great photos with your iPhone, and you will never miss any spectacular moment again. The qualities of the images obtained by the fisheye lens are astonishing. It is now possible to capture the totality of a place and to shoot 360 degree with the spherical lens.

This tool is really convenient and practical to make the virtual visit of a place and to present panoramas. To make panoramic videos around you, you can put the lens on an iPhone or on most of the mobile phones, tablets and webcams.

Provided with a special shell for iPhone, the lens magnetises on the back of the Smartphone. After a minimum of 4 shots, the application will immediately carry out a spherical panorama with a spectacular result.

You can choose to create a 180 degree view in a single shot and view it in 2D mode, 3D mode and augmented reality. You can also create a virtual tour of a place and upload it to the Internet. You can also share your views on social networks from your iPhone.

photo panoramique(Pixeet - The Defenitive Panoramic solution.)

Pixeet 360 is also an application that is available free on App Store. Pixeet App has many useful features : create 3D spherical panoramas in seconds, create albums and virtual tours, add Google Street View panoramas to your virtual tours, free hosting to showcase your panoramas, export and import in the most standart format, post your panoramas on social networks, print your own Microsoft TAG or QR Code., the specialist in mobile technology, is a French engineering company who manufactures its high quality optical materials in Japan. The 4 different packs of spherical optics which adapted to iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4/4S are now available for sale on the site from just 49.90 Euros. They offer worldwide delivery services with insurance and tracking number.


[1] Credits : Pixeet 360 - Home (Screenshot)

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