Parental control on smartphones, tablets and computers

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Most parents are worried about the many dangers of the internet when it comes to their children using computers. offers parents a complete and comprehensive control and protection solution that includes a very simple way of managing how much time their children spend on the computer and internet.

This helps to tackle the growing problem of addiction to using computers that many young people suffer from.

There is one thing that parents and experts agree upon when it comes to tools that parents can use to control what their children can and can't do on the internet and that problem is that the software and tools are too complicated to use.

This problem extends to the fact that many of them apply more directly to the actual computer than to the parents who need to and want to be able to use them.

As well as offering parents control over the type of content and websites their children can access online, it also offers them management of this control using "cloud computing" technology via a SAS server, which means that parents can always easily monitor and control what their children are doing on the internet.

Once the program is installed it does not need any further setup or initialising to be used and operates easily with any internet browser and can even be used on a smartphone.

As well as protecting their children from the dangerous side of the internet and inappropriate material, it also can help prevent child becoming addicted to computer use.

This addiction can and does affect anyone of any age, but especially young children. Children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old spend more than 1 hour a day on the web and teenagers tend to spend around 21 hours a week online. So it is clearly a major problem that needs to be tackled. therefore offers control for parents in two main sections:

  • Filtering inappropriate content
  • Managing children's connection time

The major difference between this service and that of its competitors is the management profile features.

Once parents have registered with the service, they have access to administration space on the site where they can create individual profiles for each of their children who will be using the computer.

It allows parents to limit the type of sites and content their children will be able to access that is unsuitable for their age and allows them to set a connection time for each child.

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