Weeshiz, a personal assistant to ease your everyday life

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Have you ever considered using the services of a personal assistant to ease your everyday life ? Weeshiz is a new startup that develops persuasive arguments to help you leap.

Our everyday lives are not always easy to organise. Although the 4-Hour Workweek is not tomorrow, but today there are online services to help you manage and reconcile your work and family life.

The newly launched Weeshiz.com, offers assistance to find a steady life and to plan your appointments, your events, reservations, services and so much more.

Today, due to overwhelm by works, managers can no longer have enough time to organise their personal environment. Hence, this is why Weeshiz acts like your new personal assistant to "effectively respond to your requests in all aspects in order to simplify the daily maximum and will help you to avoid stress."

The online service is an enabler of life. For an affordable price, it proposes to provide a complete catalog of all kinds of services and effective advice. It is also providing a service for couples. The goal is straightforward, Weeshiz wants to provide quality service and respond to specific requests to become a reference platform in life planning.

The service comes in two main forms: Solo and Duo. The first offer is better for those who are single, while Duo is more advantageous for couples because it allows spouses to enjoy the support service at a lower cost. At the enterprise level, there are formulas Personal Pro I and Pro II, such as coaching services or training.

The different packages for the services of the site are following: Solo is offering 34.99 Euros per month and Duo is offering 49.99 Euros per month. The inscription on the platform is simple and fast. The unlimited subscription is not binding on customers. Hence, if you are not completely satisfied with any services after your first month subscription, you can feel free to cancel it.


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