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The success story of Tumblr lies in it's routes and it's inventor.

When a young David Karp launched his brain child, in 2007, it immediately started to gain a loyal following and raised into the same stratosphere as Twitter and Facebook.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post content to multiple text, photos, links, videos media. It is this approach that differentiates Tumblr from normal blogging websites, which would previously only allow posts with one image.

It's this concept that has been utilised on Tumblr by creative designers, to show all of their many talents in the different media types. By May 2011, at least 61 publications were active on Tumblr, including big names such as Vogue, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, and The Economist.

The platform has a great social element working towards a social network. It uses a subscription system, which allows you to follow a list of micro blogs and even repost these in your own account.

Since its creation in 2007, Tumblr has experienced a good rate of sustained growth, gaining over six million followers in its first three years alone. By 2012, the site had exploded with popularity, receiving nearly 170 million visitors per month. It is also the home of over 90 million blogs, which have been created using Tumblr's specific tool.

When you look at the specifics of the figures, they become even more impressive. 59% of young Americans, aged 13-35 years old, have an active Tumblr account. Leaving Facebook in it's wake, with only 54% of young Americans having a Facebook account. It's the data that shows just how massive Tumblr has become.

There's no one reason for Tumblr's success (Awesome People Hanging out Together) ; It's become the trendy place to be on, you can interact with celebrities and your friends. It keeps you up to date with the daily goings-on of anyone you are connected with. The social side of Tumblr is attractive to all generations and is becoming popular with paretns too.

It's a mark of respect to Tumblr, that there are constantly new micro-blogging sites appearing daily. They use the tried and tested formula of a GIF and a description to show everyday situations of a user.

In only a few years, Tumblr has successfully built together a strong community of followers of quick digital content. Viral notes posted on the platform and its ability to create a "hype", makes it the currently preferred social network of most young Internet users. The good news is that it's not looking likely to end soon.


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