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How to consume as much, yet with the same resources ? Recycle and purchase high-tech products taking advantage of the best prices.

It is now possible to care for ecology, spend less, and yet purchase the latest high-tech devices more often. It is to meet this new demand that this unique start-up company recycles your high-tech products.

Our society is entering into a new era of consumerism where citizens are expected to simultaneously economise, avoid waste, and make daily gestures to protect the environment. Consumers, within a framework of responsible consumerism, really need to think about renewing their own high-tech equipment.

Paradoxically in the evolution of our commercial civilisation, never has there been such an enormous amount of trendy up-to-the-minute high-tech products on the market. Yet, with no parallel in our country we have 130 million mobile phones slumbering at the backs of drawers and undoubtedly a few million technological products abandoned in cupboards, mainly photo cameras, old PCs, consoles and other notebooks.

« How to consume as much, yet with the same resources ? », this is the question Gael Brouard set himself before creating the start-up. The market continually expands, as does the trend to consume, but it will be necessary to consume differently in order to keep up with the latest technological tendencies.

The simplest solution is to finance the purchase of the latest innovations by trading-in our old high-tech products. This is a budding market in France where less than 10% of consumers trade-in their technological products.

Launched in March 2012, the Comparecycle.com website provides answers to these new demands for durable consumer goods. Its aims are firstly to let you trade-in your high-tech devices, and secondly the sale of refurbished digital products with a guarantee. The search-engine allows you to find the best purchase or trade-in offer in just two clicks.

Simply enter the model of the product and a list of products is displayed. The consumer can find excellent bargains amongst these offers, generally these are little used products that have been returned by an undecided client.

The product range is ample and the catalogue displays over 145 brands, thus satisfying the consumer’s various needs for updated technology. An example: recycle three mobile phones that are no longer used for a trade-in on a GPS from the Comparecycle partners who supply the refurbished products.

This new way of consuming allows you to change products more often, and above all much more cheaply.


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