Unishared : A Veritable Revolution for the World of Education

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Students write on Unishared to share their coursework, with reciprocal note-taking, as well as the research of sources and information.

The site is opening to students of the whole world and will make education more effective, open and collaborative.

Everything started on January 2012 by live tweet. The founder of Unishared, Clément Delangue, a young French student, asked himself about the possibility of transmitting the knowledge that he had acquired during his courses in order to keep the knowledge from being lost.

Subsequently, he started to tweet the courses that he was in the process of finishing in order to share his knowledge with other students. And the idea met with fast approval! Little by little, his followers interacted with him and asked questions.

Record sharing quickly showed that there was popular demand, but the Twitter platform was not suitable for the purpose, and so Clément made the decision to launch Unishared.

Imagine a simple platform where, after you have written via your Facebook account, you can send your course-notes online to share with students of the whole world.

This is the concept of Unishared, which proposes today to the students who come from the United States, from India, from Great Britain or still from France to share and to exchange their knowledge.

A veritable revolution for the world of education, Unishared fills a need for pupils who have more of a truly accessible online support, who can exchange ideas about the courses they are taking, as the notes are more publically available to consult.

Moreover, by permitting a real transfer of knowledge, the platform functions like a real encouragement to complete the course. Seeing as this is accessible online, when there is something that seems like a superb reason to fail a course, contrariwise, this encourages the students to involve themselves in the success of their note-taking.

Occasionally, education can seem like an iron collar preventing the integration of the resources on the web, becoming involved, and surfing the digital future.

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