Famicity, a secure social network to communicate with the family

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At the time when the network is expanding, Famicity is the social network for the whole family.

It stands out with a very strict privacy policy to preserve respect for the privacy of users and their digital data. If you are looking for a digital space that is friendly when you want to connect with family and friends, here is a handy social network that you would find it as you are at home.

Launched in June 2011, the Famicity.com is dedicated to the families, in addition of that, the site allows you to be connected to your family without being forced to share your private data with people that is outside your circle of guests.

Children, youth, adults, senior citizens can deposit their photos, albums and participate in discussions safely. The creation of this secure social network for families is the work of Guillaume Languereau and Jérôme Blanchard, which are the computer engineers and co-founder of Famicity.

The goal in creating this social network is to protect data of many users and promote better contact intergenrational. Thus, data from different users would not be resold or exploited.

Famicity is a social network under the sign of confidentiality. The site prohibit intrusive ads. Each user has the ability to remove personal data when it wants. It is a single-sharing network that meets the needs of families with totally control over data visibly only to persons that members have approved.

Children under 13 years can register on the social network to share and to learn the codes of the social web. But before the children reach the age of 15, they are not allowed to be seen, nor invited by people that they do not know.

Hence on this social network, they are protected from all the possible dangers of public networks. They can discuss only with members of their families and friends.

Overall, this social network site is definitely easy to use. Famicity is an ideal network to keep in touch with members of your family, your friends while maintaining the confidentiality flawlessly.


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