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YouSeeMii enables you to monitor your online reputation and ensure you make a good impression on the web.

It has become increasingly important, if not necessary for individuals and businesses alike, to know what information the internet shows about them. Managing your e-reputation has become a real strategic challenge of our digital world. YouSeeMii is a service that works for you and your business in this new digital trend.

Perhaps you already know Mention, this is a good replacement for Google Alerts. YouSeeMii is also a tool that lets you manage your online reputation. Allowing you to watch a keyword and giving you daily updates on all the information that is out there about it.

Whether it is on twitter, facebook notifications, web pages, forums or links... YouSeeMii is an easy to use tool that allows you to watch a brand, a company or even a name.

Once you begin the search, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the web presence for the last 15 days of the keyword. The search will show you how the keyword has been used:

  • On major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...)
  • On blogs and forums (Results weighed according to the audience)
  • The context the keyword has been used in
  • On social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, klout, Foursquare...)
  • On professional networks (Linkedin, Viadeo...)
  • In media videos (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Presse Relay...)
  • Associated photos in Google images

The comprehensive search tool will allow you to gain a real overview of the online presence of your brand, name or keyword. YouSeeMii accesses and displays your e-reputation to allow you to measure your visibility and visualize networks where you could improve your presence. It will also allow you to monitor what is said about you.

Recently, YouSeeMi integrated a complementary monitoring tool that will display the statements and latest news from your keyword. This allows you to conduct whole enterprise research in real-time, letting you target a day or specify different sources.

  • Breaking news : AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg
  • Professional networks : Google News, Topsy, Boardreader, Linkedin, Viadeo
  • Social media : Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion

Once you have registered on the website, you can save up to four favorite keywords. Then simply enter the name of the search for a list of results sorted and classified among the sources available.

YouSeeMi is a vital comprehensive tool for measuring your web presence.

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