Twitter Music is born !

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After weeks of rumour, the social media company unveiled a new music service, but what is it and what does it do ?

The news was expected, Twitter has announced: Twitter Music is born! Pity, however, that this new service is not launched worldwide, as only six countries are involved so far: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

What is it ? In fact, with this new service (, added to the main domain -

You have four options :

  • "Popular" you can listen to what is most appreciated by users
  • "Emerging" will give you the opportunity to discover new artists
  • "Suggested" is a selection of songs from the artists you listen as well as similar artists
  • "Playing" return to the songs played by the users you follow

How Twitter #music is he doing ? By integrating the iTunes, Rdio and Spotify catalogues. When you click on a song you like, you can hear a sample and possibly buy.

If you are already registered with Rdio or Spotify , you can listen to the songs in full. Eventually, other suppliers are expected.

It is therefore less of a service to listen to the music of an application to know the songs of the moment, trends or emerging artists. For now, sharing music is much by Facebook, Twitter and the appearance of Music should be interpreted as an adaptation to this context.

By encouraging users to be aware of the music news on Twitter, the start-up of course is that they are using Twitter to share music. Knowing that the hashtag # music is already successful, there is of course the will of Twitter to engage in turn streaming market, where it has so far been delayed.

The doubt remains, however: why would you listen indirectly on Twitter what you can listen to directly on Spotify, Deezer and Rdio ? The app is available in the App Store now, but no Android version has been announced yet.

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