Viral marketing : The perfect tool to promote your project

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This is probably one of the best promotional tools, adaptable to many projects, it can help you to promote information, an event, and a product quickly and make a buzz on the internet with a good idea.

The social networks are similar to powerful tools for contact management and viral marketing. Everyone from, brands, companies, bloggers and publishers, develop their web presence by opening an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and other.

Then it comes to launching a brand, a product, a blog, a website through actions and marketing strategy, which is not necessarily easy to implement.

Pay With a Tweet by Innovative Thunder is an American marketing utility that can be useful to publishers (white papers, ebooks, tutorials, ..), bloggers, artists, advertising agencies, film producers, and all professionals who want to make themselves known on social networks.

Pay with a Tweet bills itself as « the first social payment system where people pay with the value of their social network. »

The concept is simple but effective. It is offering free download of a quality digital product (eBook, white paper, film clip, song, invitation ...) to any user who agrees to relay your message via a tweet on Twitter, or a share on Facebook.

To use the Pay With a Tweet, just click on the tab « Create a Pay Button » and fill out the form to create this dedicated application. After entering your name, email, and other information, you will create the link via « Create my Button » and then retrieve the source code of the button to install it on your web page.

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Any user wishing to download the digital document to uncover it should first tweet the message or share the relevant page on their Facebook or Twitter account. The solution Pay With a Tweet is at the core of an exchange economy, where each user can help to create a buzz to boost an artist, a conference, a magazine, or any other project.

The ultimate viral marketing to generate traffic. Pay the solution with a Tweet R /GA New York, has been awarded multiple awards around the world. This is both a real payment system and a tool for social marketing that can be used to create marketing campaigns to reward even the most dynamic, to forward a message on social media.


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