Wallapop, the app that allows you to buy and sell in your own neighbourhood

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Do you wonder how to buy and sell second hand products in your neighbourhood ? Wallapop is an app that allows this exchange experience thanks to geolocation.

Wallapop has landed in France and UK, after being launched in Spain five months ago. The app has been a total success In Spain; it has reached up to 1 million users in total already. Available in iOS and Android, Wallapop allows the purchase and sale of second hand items of any kind. The access to the app is very simple and any sale it's done through a smartphone. You just have to upload a photo, write a description, and set up a price. Shopkeepers, artisans, designers and of course individuals will then be able quickly and easily to sell their products on Wallapop. Home clothes, video games, craft materials, cars... This e -commerce market allows you to see what products are near you.

Once the product is uploaded, it will immediately be visible to the people nearby. The interface is intuitive and the user is able to chat with the seller. The objective is to provide effective interaction between buyers and sellers, which will meet at the local area to do the exchange. Moreover, the chat is the point that makes Wallapop different from any other commercial sites, such as eBay or Amazon. It is closer to the French site “leboncoin”. The interaction between buyers and sellers is stronger. The fact that the app operates on smartphones makes it handy and more user friendly.

There is also a nice philosophy behind Wallapop; it's looking forward to developing a more humanised market model, eco-friendly and, therefore, sustainable. It wants to reverse the trend of mass trading transactions for face-to-face ones. It is to the credit of the developers of this application, which perfectly illustrates the practical opportunities for real-time location through mobile technology and geolocation. We can only wish them the same success in France and UK that Spain. You can download Wallapop on the iOS Appstore and GooglePlay.

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