Zéro-Gâchis, a wonderful way to reduce food waste

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Zéro-Gâchis is not yet another coupon site, but it is a unique concept with a real ecological approach which everybody will find useful.

Shops use quick price reductions to sell nearly out-of-date produce and reduce their waste: This is the target of Zéro-Gâchis, a French start-up founded by a group of Business and IT students, including two brothers; Paul-Adrien and Christophe Menez.

The principle is simple: Supermarkets list their products approaching the expiration date, with discounts of 30-70%. Consumers then use their zip code to find supermarkets around them, with the list of products on promotion.

Everyone wins: the supermarket increases its sales of products and reduce the cost of unsold items, consumers can find bargains close to their home... and Zéro-Gâchis which charges the distributors. The customer wins twice as the Zéro-Gâchis app is free !

The app is created around solid numbers: almost 50% of healthy food gets wasted in supermarkets across the EU - in 2010, France threw away 750 000 tonnes of food, due to a lack of buyers.

That is about one-third of the food produced in France. The stand-out figures come from the Leclerc store in Landerneau; where 60 tonnes or €200,000 are thrown out each year.

While the concept is growing and still experimental, there are dedicated suppliers subscribed to offer their discounts. Recent approaches have been made by clients in Europe, North America and Africa.

The only question left is what will major retails do? Will they change their attitudes to waste ?

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