Spotflux, Free Tool to Invisible on the Internet

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If you are looking for a simple solution to accessing the internet anonymously, then Spotflux is the software for you. Spotflux lets you take control of the internet.

Spotflux is a free piece of software that packs a bundle of features sure to attract users, including better protection and more secure internet browsing.

In the last two decades, the Web has dramatically changed, especially in the area of tracking. Ultra personalised marketing is the product of this advance in tracking, allowing for consumer behavior to directly traced.

When accessing any website, you agree to their privacy policy and in particular their cookie tracking. If you don't agree with their policies, you don't access their site. However, there are no different dangers to the average user. The increase in mobile internet access has opened mobile phones up to more serious threats from viruses, with users normally completely unprotected.

Spotflux has been designed to protect you and all your devices. Spotflux is a free and easy to install piece of software that is available on all platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android). It provides complete protection when you are on the internet. When you have installed Spotflux, it is very simple to use: Simply access the internet, then your connection will be directed through to the Spotflux server. This encrypts and compresses your data using a virtual private network.

The server will filter out and prevent all pop-up ads, viruses, spyware, malware and cookies. Perfectly protecting you from identity thieves, information stealing cookies and phishing viruses.

Spotflux enables you to operate a WiFi hotspot, while still being protected. All data sent via your mobile device will be encrypted and protected. Indeed when you are travelling abroad, Spotflux can be used to allow you to access a variety of local internet providers instead of being forced to use the national provider.

Spotflux also acts as a web filter, which is the only issue, this is naturally going to happen when you try to condense all these features into one easy to use program. Spotflux installs easily and takes care of all configurations and updates for you. You can download Spotflux for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad here.

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