Bunkr, an alternative to PowerPoint

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Officially released at the end of April, the French start-up Bunkr offers a viable, improved alternative to PowerPoint.

Unlike PowerPoint, Bunkr is not a piece of software installed on your hard drive.

It is a web application allowing you to collect and organise all types of content (photos, videos, articles, notes, extracts from websites, etc.) in your personal library.

They can then be inserted into presentations, or converted to HTML5, PDF...and even .ppt, in other words, PowerPoint! It's just as easy to convert your Bunkr presentations to Slideshare.

Update october 2017: Bunkr also creates a URL for each presentation to utilise sharing via mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+...easier than sending a large PowerPoint presentation!

The advantage of Bunkr, over the likes of Evernote, Pinterest or Pocket ? Straightforward integration of content: a simple drag-and-drop lets you add content wherever you like on the page.

Bunkr's only drawback is its price: between $60 and $3250 depending on user numbers (between 2 and 100), after a rather short trial period of 45 days.

Why not take a reasonable one off payment from the user instead ?

October 2017 Update: In the coming months, Bunkr’s technology will be integrated into Synthesio’s product and will become a reporting tool for Synthesio’s users. The Bunkr team will also be joining Synthesio to keep developing the application. Founded in 2006, Synthesio has offices in Paris, New York, London, and Singapore. Synthesio, is a global Social Intelligence platform used by some of the world's top brands, and the agencies that support them.

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