Shazam reinvented advertising

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Which advertiser could dream a better advertising? Largely in the minority for now, shazamables advertising should be developed.

Shazam was one of the first applications of the revolutionary iPhone in 2008, when it was enough to touch the screen to instantly recognize the song played around you.

Besides the title, Shazam gives links to Youtube videos, lyrics, main titles of the artist, his biography, concerts and upcoming tours, etc.. What had made the application very profitable, despite the fact that is free to download, is the reference to download on iTunes.

According to the start-up, 300 million titles were sold as well. Thus, when the Mexican multi billionaire Carlos Slim looked at Shazam, he knew he was not dealing with a novice Web.

Owner of telephone operators and advertising companies, it has invested $ 40 million to develop what could make from Shazam a mobile giant: apply this acknowledgment to advertisement and allow the viewer to get more information about the traded product, discounts, a link to the advertiser's website, etc..

The potential is much wider. With « push notifications », the application will automatically start listening to the advertising, and it will purpose complementary information. Largely in the minority for now, "shazamables" advertising should be developed.

Although the user retains control over the use of his smartphone, this new use of Shazam, however, may make advertising more invasive in our life, and retain more users' attention to their smartphone, a phenomenon much more striking today.

Some examples of advertising « shazamables » can be seen on YouTube, such as that of the clothing brand Old Navy. The principle of "Shazam TV" is explained in this video.

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