NikeiD - Create your own custom sneakers

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Custom products are cool - Personalize your Air Max easily with NikeID site !

NikeiD is an web app that allows you to bring unique designs to life using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, in just a few simple steps. Nike offer a joint service which lets you customize your pair of Air Max for what I term 'Customized Creativity'.

Once you select a personal iD, leather accents and iconic ACG colors, NikeiD apply the color scheme to a pair of sneakers, giving you a unique design you can truly call your own.

Custom-build your perfect shoe from a menu of color, material and performance options. Add your initials, dates or a short message to the lace dubrae, or stick with a Nike logo. And, if the customer does not want to have to design the shoes themselves, they can choose from a range of pre-made designs.

The aim of the operation is to satisfy the growing demand for customized products but also, customized purchases of special items and unique styles allow brands to stay "relevant as fashion leaders".

The idea may seem a bit odd, but you know how disappointing it can be to show up at work or school wearing the same shoes as a colleague or classmate.

The uniqueness of each model is an asset, and NikeiD can easily deliver great results even if you lack designer talent. In the gallery, you can see patterns modeled... The results can be surprising, and they really let your imagination run.

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