Une Fourmi Verte, the problem of food waste is preventable

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Today, we are all aware of the need to prevent food waste, so how do we do it? initiatives are being launched all over the world.

The french start-up "Une Fourmii Verte" is one of them. Clarisse Foissotte is CEO and one of three cofounders with Thomas Parat and Virgile Martinez. All three of them, they graduated from Sup de Pub in Paris. They are young, they have just finished their studies and had this crazy idea of prospecting in the streets of Paris to recover unsold food, but still safe to consume.

They visit, just before closing, bakeries, caterers, breweries and restaurants who accept to give them food and snacks. Everything is refrigerated and delivered to customers in the night. They delivers between 10pm and 6am, by bike, before the expiry date.

But who is the ideal customer? These young people wanted to target an urban population with limited financial means, but connected. They're students, night owls, partygoers, night workers. For ordering online, the team has developed a chatbot accessible from Facebook Messenger. Customers indicate that they are hungry and the delivery operation is started. But that's not all: unsold products during the night are given for food aid associations.

The idea was germinated in October 2016, after the purchase of equipment and a very slick marketing campaign, the first deliveries are made in May 2017. These are the numbers that have alarmed these young entrepreneurs - but why ?

The FAO of the United Nations, which keeps tabs on what's grown and eaten around the globe, estimates that one-third of food produced for human consumption worldwide is annually lost or wasted. The global wastage of French food production accounts for some 5% of annual Co2 emissions. The objective of Une Fourmii Verte is to reduce the food waste of its partners by 100%.

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