With Coogee, the most beautiful amateur photos take place in your living room

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Coogee is an innovative French startup. The Coogee web gallery allows you to sell your most beautiful photos to customers who want a unique approach.

The concept is simple for both buyers and phographers: you put your photo online on the site and a qualified team decides if it will be selected and put up for sale. Your work will be printed in only thirty copies, which corresponds to the criteria of the art photography, and offered to buyers in five different formats.

BĂ©atrice Billard, founder and director of Coogee, had the idea to create the site during her world tour. While in Sydney, she realized that travelers take beautiful pictures of their journeys, which are often reserved for the circle of their friends.

Coogee allows you to share your best photos and earn some money. For the buyer, it is the assurance of having an original and almost unique work of art since it is published in limited edition. Prices are reasonable and start from 25 euros.

The photos are accompanied by a short paragraph elaborating on the intent of the photographer or the content and context of the story being told.

In sum, Coogee.io shows the potential of this kind of participatory digital platform for drawing in a global audience, and to simply indulge in the photography.

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