Yandex, a new fast and secure browser

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A new browser launched by Russian giant Yandex has arrived on the Internet. A fast browser whose goal is to allow everyone to surf on the Internet, in a very simple and secure manner.

If Yandex is the first search engine in Russia (60.4% of web traffic in July 2012) and the fifth globally (25 millions of visits/day), it is not by chance. Behind an uncluttered interface, an ultra-fast search engine with infinite pagination is revealed.

When it comes to the relevance of its search result pages, the search engine obviously stands out and compares favourably with its competitors. Far from being a follower in the Internet search sector, Yandex uses an algorithm based on 20 years of experimental research.

The Russian company clearly reached its goal by creating a web browser that matches the demands of Internet users, following the example of existing models. According to Arkady Volozh, CEO of the group, it is only to "Make the Internet experience faster, easier and safer for everyone."

With the launch of this new browser, a competitive and technological struggle between the greats (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opéra ,Safari, Chrome ou Yandex) could hold a few surprises. Three good reasons that will surely make Internet users choose such an Internet browser are the following: speed, simplicity and security.

In those domains, the browser has arguments that will appeal to users, since it is based on the Chronium open source code, an environment as rich as it is comprehensive that is also used by Google Chrome. The rising browser is appreciated and recognised for being very intuitive, efficient and memory-saving.

Browsers are more and more turned into vehicles for infections by "exploits" on Internet sites and downloads. In order not to leave anything to chance, Yandex browser calls in the expertise of Kasperksy, the leading security laboratory. Web pages are checked on the fly and the integrated antivirus analyses all downloaded files.

It is therefore a high-performance browser whose characteristics are based on state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, the browser is compatible both with MacOSX and Windows. The software can be downloaded here.

In the headlines, we find the opening of the Yandex Store at the end of the month, an Android app store ready to launch with +40,000 available applications.

Yandex, un nouveau navigateur rapide et très sécurisé, originally published in French.

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