Become a business-angel is accessible to all through WiSEED !

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From now on, everyone can become a business angel through Wiseed ! The Wiseed aims to allow private investors to fund collectively in the development of startups and young innovative enterprises.

As we all know, it is now more difficult than ever to obtain the financing needs of businesses.

This innovative platform allows anyone to become a shareholder in promising startups starting from a minimum of 100 Euros.

With its expertise in engineering and crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, Wiseed makes it possible to bet in all knowledge on the project of a creator or a company, provided that it also has a good technological credit and a good entrepreneurial culture.

In 2009, Thierry Merquiol and his partner Nicolas Sérès decided to create the WiSEED. This platform has two main objectives. Firstly, Wiseed allows entrepreneurs to raise funds for their businesses by attracting people to invest with the amount up to 50,000 Euros. Secondly, Wiseed will follow the project all the way through, from its development to its marketing.

Thus, today you will be able to see a collaborative and innovative platform. Each entrepreneur that is seeking for funding must pass the filter which is conducted by a team specialised in capital investment. Each entrepreneur must be able to describe his project.

The project leader will have to give explanations about his product and his idea. He has to explain the aspect that differentiates his product from other projects is and what the special features of the project are.

Once this step is successfully passed, the investors of Wiseed can vote for their preferred projects. Hence, the call for business angels will be launched on the site, with the aim to gather around personal funds so that the project will be concluded.

Currently, a project may not exceed 100,000 Euros of funds but the two collaborators hope to evolve by 2013 with 50 startups, 15 employees and develop the platform across the Europe.

Detect the most promising startups. To discover the world of the startups and their ambitions on the markets they have addressed, you can open a free account on the site to review the projects and give your opinions.


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