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Throughout the year, and particularly during festive seasons, millions of internet users are on the internet to look for good deals. Today, more and more people are buying online using their mobile.

Adapted to the new functions of mobiles, Shoperize is a web application which allows retailers to be present on mobile data terminals.

Never has it been as important to be tuned into consumer behaviour and consumer demand. Digital media has been a factor in these fast changes of behaviour.

Although all the resources on the internet are far from being completely exploited, a new revolution has radically changed the habits of internet users - the smart phone and the digital tablet.

In the period of a decade, we have moved from E-Commerce, which had the first shops and price comparison sites, to a new type of cyber commerce, where cyber consumers use mobiles and M-commerce.

This technological innovation allows you to go shopping without any problems and you can have access to all the usual methods of payment, as well as specialists such as PayPal whose technology is 100% mobile.

Recently propelled by the team at NewQuest, Shoperize is a web application that can be used in all platforms of E-commerce. Since 2007 this web agency has been active in France, Australia, and in the USA, and realises both E-Commerce or M-Commerce websites and web portals.

Contrary to a native or external application, this new solution allows you to enter a retailer's site via Shoperize. This is an important point, as it remains an obstacle to easily finding an online shop outside of the grasp of major brands. Secondly, mobile phone users can smoothly access a mobile-friendly version of the retailer's site with features optimised for 3G.

The interface and the navigation have been investigated to respond to the most current uses on mobiles and social networks. Finally, this system, which offers a flexibility identical to a mobile application, allows you to directly go to an online catalogue of a web store.

NewQuest invites you to find the best retail sites on its website "Shoperiz├ęs." Shoperize is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms. A technology that has been tested by users and validated in laboratory tests. Representing the culmination of user experiences, M-Commerce helps you to look for a product quicker, and offers intuitive interface and navigation on mobiles and tablets.


[1] Images Credit : By Shoperize - Home (Screenshot)

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