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Who the Hell is Stromae? it is a great artist with a huge presence and incredible performances at concerts.

Proud of his roots, Stromae wanted to end his tour "Racine Carrer" in Rwanda, where his father was murdered during the 1994 genocide. His songs took another meaning on October 17th in Kagali. The singer-songwriter-composer Paul Van Haver aka Stromae, had not returned to his homeland since the age of five.

Previous step: North America. America, it is another dream for the Belgian UFO of songs, who sings exclusively in the language of Molière. And it is especially a public far from acquired.

Therefore, he wanted to make an impression by creating a buzz at the very start of his North American tour with the campaign "Who the Hell is Stromae?"

First by imagining a caricature in his image by graphic artist and filmmaker Sylvain Chomet. Then, with a series of viral videos full of self-deprecation, including a video clip produced in collaboration with Time magazine, featuring, in front of a few anonymous guests, his wedding to his double, in a small chapel in Los Angeles.

Stromae|Pinkpop 2014 Full|

From concert to concert, there was an increasing interest by Americans who were discovering a performer from elsewhere. It is pure joy to watch the young American audience lip synch to accompany the Maestro and sing in French. The artist fills venues with a conquered cosmopolitan audience and does not stop convincing and amazing more and more English-speaking fans. Finally, accompanied by his musicians, he is arrested by the police while he is shooting a new video for "Ave Cesaria" in the back of a pickup truck.

The tour starts in Canada, in Vancouver then Toronto, and continues in New York, with a sold-out Madison Square Garden. Europe followed him, Africa and America, - 209 concerts gathering 1.27 million spectators - a triumphant success which shows that one can sing in French and become a planetary superstar without really wanting to, but with an incredible talent. The Racine Carree Tour closes its doors, but the fans will follow him thanks to his inescapable album "Racine Carree".

Translated by Paule-Sylvie Yonke of Stromae USA fans (Thanks)
Credits photo : [1] goatling (CC BY-SA 2.0) - [2] Fritsch (CC BY 2.0)

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