Web conferencing on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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The American editor of the LoginMe software proposes a very practical web-conference and remote screen share solution.

A recent update of the mobile application allows participating but also activating a meeting via your iPhone or iPad.

The communicating application is voted in by their users for its rapidity, user friendliness and free basic version. We can use it in all the contexts where we desire other people to see all that is going on in real time on your computer screen.

Moreover, we have the choice of inviting 250 participants to a screen share session. And we can also have an instant chat, exchange documents, organise a conference, give courses, or allow a computer technician to repair a remote computer.

Since 2011, it has already been possible to participate in a meeting via an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad. But it was not possible to directly activate a meeting from these mobile devices.

Since the end of 2012, Join.me has made an update, by adding a functionality which allows organising the conferences with complete mobility from your iPad via tour Join.me Pro account.

With this Pro formula, we access additional features which allows activating and completely mastering a teleconference. For example, a colleague may use a laser pointer for highlighting elements on your screen or manager the sharing in their turn.

We can pause, temporarily suspend the session but also store and share easily the files exchanged during a work session. You can save these files for external use, share them from other applications or by e-mail.

Simple and efficient

From now on, we can hence organise or join a meeting from anywhere via a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection, from Windows, Mac or mobile platforms. The prices are 13 Euros per month or 104 Euros for a subscription of one year. You can freely download the application for Android and on the AppStore: Join.me - an application published by LogMeIn.

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