ZoomZoomZen is your app for easy meetings

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ZoomZoomZen is a convenience app, connecting over the internet, which allows you to geotag a location and share it with a collection of friends you have chosen.

Suddenly, you no longer have to ask « Hello? where are you? » ; Instead you can use ZoomZoomZen (ZZZ) to instantly know where your friends are.

Joul, a French start-up, launched this service to with the aim of allowing people to meet in public places, when they are visiting a new area.

The principle is simple and has been created in a similar approach to Doodle: you can create an event on the website or smartphone app, giving a description (eg restaurant) and geolocates the location.

You then send the event to your friends, this can be through email, SMS or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Your friends then join in your event and can show where they are, everyone in the event can see where everyone else is. You can also leave messages around the event saying "I'm late" or "I have to meet you."

This is a simple solution to stop the multiple calls between a group of friends trying to meet up in one location. It avoids the constant sending of texts and missed answerphone messages, removing the angry or lost friend situation.

One of the great advantages of ZoomZoomZen is that it does not require you to make an account or sign up to anything.

You don't need to give your email or your real name. At the end of your event, all you data is deleted.

The free app is available on both the iPhone and Android, providing full functionality. However you do not have to be out and about to use the app, the online web version contains all the functionality of the app.

The only real downside is a lack of internet connection in tubes and underground situations, which will not let you access the locations when you are on them.

When your 3G is not available, the app is not able to show the information, but with the arrival of 4G these issues should not be a problem for much longer.

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