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Airline Simulator Experience - To become an airline pilot is possible for everyone! With a flight simulator similar to those used by airlines and airline pilots.

Flight Experience places you on the edge of the commander's seat to live the entire sequence of operations of a normal flight.

Flight Experience offers the experience of a flight simulator, which takes place in a replica cockpit of Boeing 737 commercial aircraft, the most popular aircraft in the world.

The first centre opened in New Zealand in 2005. Since then, the franchise has grown in this country and has spread to Australia, Hong Kong and Kuwait. There is now a centre in Paris. The franchise is ready to open other centres and its aim is to guide entrepreneurs and individuals who would be willing to take the direction of becoming an airline pilot.

Flight Experience offers different packages for aviation enthusiasts, lovers of new sensations and drivers wishing to live other experiences. Range suggests a pleasure flight of 30 minutes, circuit a city for 45 min, a 60 min flight sector, or an ultimate experience of 90 minutes. The price of the cheapest pack available is 169 Euros and this is for the pleasure flight. No previous experience is required and flight simulation is available from the age of 12 years.

Inside the cockpit, the co-pilot instructor gives instructions to the client, who will be in charge of the main controls, and therefore in control of all the instruments. Co-pilot is very helpfull and professional. All amateur airplane enthusiasts will enjoy this experience but it is also possible to make the exercise more intense and more personalized.

Those wishing to prepare to fly solo can enrol on the flying club and the best way to gain experience is with the simulator, and future professional pilots have the opportunity to prepare for their recruitment with the accompaniment of instructors who are qualified pilots. The audience is therefore the recreation professionals. Flight Experience is for all aviation enthusiasts, whether novice or experienced.


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