Darjeelin: your airline ticket costs less thanks to experts

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In the complex world of searching for plane tickets, a start-up offers to call a group of online experts to find the best deal on the web.

Finding cheap airline tickets is not so easy nowadays. Not because of the lack of information on the Web, but rather due to an excess of it.

In addition to the sites of travel agencies, price comparators have also existed for a number of years. But with their spreading also appeared « comparators of price comparators », which add to the complexity.

The internet is lost to such a mass of information. It is also not uncommon for two friends going to the same place by buying their tickets separately and paying very different prices for them.

Darjeelin's proposes to help and innovate, using « crowdsourcing », subcontracting work for the Internet community.

The principle is simple: the traveller pays 20 Euros to Darjeelin and submits his application to four « experts ». The first expert to find the cheapest tickets will receive 15 of the 20 Euros paid by the traveller, while the site will retain the remaining 5 Euros.

In the end, everyone wins, since, on average, tickets are 30% cheaper than when doing the research yourself.

Apart from money, time is also saved for the traveller. He only has to specify his preferences then accept the proposals made to him.

The simple observation that could be made is that the traveller has the choice of convenience. Researching alone can take time. Nevertheless, one learns to find bargains.

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