Festicket, the platform for music festival travel packages

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Festicket is a fast-growing travel agency dedicated to music festivals.

Festicket fills the niche market created by selling festival tickets and combinations of festival packages.

If you are planning to attend a festival in another city or even another country, you will have to book a hotel, the train tickets or even a flight. Festicket takes care of the complete package for you.

Not only can you buy your festival tickets, but the complete "all-inclusive" packages offer hotel and transportation in one solution. These packages enable you to save both time and money. With average festival goers saving 223 euros, it makes the festival experience 20% cheaper with Festicket.

Festicket already provide outstanding service to 27,000 clients, with 73% coming from the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

With clients heading to over forty music events in Europe and the world, including Day Zero Festival in Mexico, Time Warp and Melt! Festival in Germany, Snowboxx Festival in Andorra, Leeds and Latitude Festival in England, Tomorrowland in Belgium and even the Venice Carnival.

Festicket offer access to all types of music festivals and all genres of music, plus extras with their online store. For users, the Festicket platform is incredibly simple to navigate. The online forum is able to provide vital information on every festival clients go to: location, dates, photos, videos, schedules, local hotels and a comprehensive question and answer section.

The festival forum also creates a unique location for future festival goers to meet before they even leave for the event. Creating a social network before the festival, ensures you will have a fun and safe time.

The forum also houses a round-the-year festival calendar, which allows you to select, not just the festival, but the time of year you wish to travel. Using this in conjunction with the built in media player, will allow you to sample the artists performing.

The forum hosts direct access to performers music, ensuring that you do not having to search YouTube, but instead lets you preview the right artist and find a wide variety of new music.

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