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While there are no less than fifty services of this type, the new Feedly seems to be preferred by many users who are looking for a new RSS reader.

Google's announcement about the shutting down of the Google Reader, on the first of July, opened the way to competitor services. Among them, the young start-up Feedly.

Created in 2008 and relying on the eve of the announcement of Google Reader's shut down, Feedly recorded 500 000 new registrations in 48 hours and three million in 15 days.

Of course, to welcome the new users, the start-up was not satisfied with only announcing that they were welcome Feedly created a new update - version 14, with the inclusions:

  • Improvement in the search engine, which indexes 50 million feeds and integrates the results of Google News and YouTube
  • Possibility to choose the « Must-read » among the feeds, so as to make sure not to miss any news coming from user's favourite feeds
  • The integration of a sharing button to Google+ and LinkedIn, and additionally, to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Taking into account the reading preferences of the user, the reader makes suggestions about feeds.
  • Addition of a titles-only interface.
  • Addition of a refresh when dragging the list of categories (ordered alphabetically) downwards.
  • A feature for article safekeeping.

The former users of Google Reader should, therefore, not miss out. Besides, Google facilitates the transfer of the users toward other services by offering them to download a copy of their data.

Apart from Freedly, other alternative feed readers exist. To name a few, there is the famous Netvibes, The Old Reader, Yanob Reader, but also Yahoo Pipes - an effective tool for monitoring and information processing.

On tablets and smartphones, but with a style similar to that of a magazine, you can find Flipboard - an application for Android and Google Currents.

But, it is necessary, however, to follow what is going to happen at Google, which announced that a replacement service – called News – will be offered.

Here you can find the latest version of Feedly - It is available now on: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

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