Facebook Home : one of the keys to simplifying the user experience

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Facebook as a company announced on Thursday on a new APP called Home, a new mobile application center.

With this new interface, the network offers a bouquet of social applications and simplifies the user experience.

It will not be for now that Facebook users can use a product by the firm of Mark Zuckerberg smartphone.

The launch was expected, but this is an intermediate solution for phone users around the world "Home", a "starter" or a wrapper to install on Android that will make the social network the mobile's home page, instead of the single isolated among dozens of other applications.

Consequence notifications received following a "like" or comment will appear directly on the home screen, as well as posts.

With this release, Facebook will become more prominent in the use of mobile. This application for Android has also been designed with the objective of simplifying the user experience and updates will be made every month. Currently, smartphone users spend 20% of the time to use the social network.

With « Home », it will be 100% of the time, because even if the user is using another application, the Facebook home screen will continue to send notifications and messages.

Obviously, the home screen does not eliminate other applications. It will take a swipe of your finger up and down to find them but it is the difficulty of adapting applications to mobile interfaces.

If Facebook still does not speak to launch its own smartphone, the Californian giant unveils strategy: in addition to the « pitcher » to download the Play Store, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC propose the office of his model « First » a smartphone priced at $ 100. It is therefore not far from a mobile Facebook A to Z...

« HTC First is the ultimate social phone », HTC's chief executive, Peter Chou, said « It combines the new Facebook Home and great HTC design ».

All Android will not have access to « Home ». Only One and HTC One X +, the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and the Galaxy Note 2 will either models of mid to high end. Too bad for old smartphones or not powerful enough for them to use the application.

It was perhaps the most effective strategy by Facebook to launch in mobile: rather than start his own, to conquer others in the smartphone market.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has announced that « Home » will be available on a growing number of devices, including Samsung.

Facebook Home will be available for download on 12 April and for the time of 6 smartphones.

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