WhatsApp, the most used app in the world

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This mobile app is a huge success, let's have a look at this rather private mail program that appeals to the Web's giants.

A billion dollars: This is the rumored value that Google and Facebook are willing to pay to buy WhatsApp and it's probably about what it is worth.

WhatsApp is a paid-for-app on the Apple Store and is free on Google Play, although both will require you to pay one dollar per year subscription to use the app on your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded and paid one dollar subscription you can send free SMS to any other smartphone which has WhatApp. It is clear to see, then, why the start-up boasts more users than Twitter, surpassing the 200 million mark!

It's success is marked by over 20 billion messages are sent every day, which dwarfs the 10 billion that are sent via Facebook.

The big advantage compared to the WhatsApp Free iPhone and Blackberry messaging, is that WhatsApp Messenger allows cross-channel messaging, including from PC via an Android emulator for Windows as YouWave.

This allows an iPhone connected to WhatsApp can easily send unlimited messages to a BlackBerry, and vice versa.

Another advantage is that the smartphone app is linked to your phone number: there is no need to create an account, which removes all the barriers to entry.

The only way to generate $ 200 million a year turnover, is to have a large user base.

The question remains, however: with the success of apps such as Facebook, Gmail, and of course the messaging built-in to each type of smartphone, is there a future for SMS?

It's always difficult to predict the future, because this handy app, is accessible to millions of users around the world.


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