On how Mega differs from Megaupload

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With a launch that attracted over a million visitors in a few hours, the startup multifaceted Kim Dotcom, renamed Mega, now looks like a storage service in the cloud.

Launched on January 20, one year after the closing pile of Megaupload, the new service was Kim Dotcom highly expected by the users. So wait, the site was inaccessible due to too many simultaneous connections and due to too many users.

The service currently in beta, is as a cloud computing service like Dropbox for example.

First difference: the rate of free storage is 50 GB, enough to store online a bunch of series episodes and movies! Once registered, you have access to a dashboard (available in 32 languages) that allows you to do several things such as:

  • Uploading your files and also you can organize folder
  • Manage your contacts with whom you will then be able to exchange files among each other
  • Access to an internal messaging software

Mega is not Megaupload : For the user, it is a cloud computing system standard whose main originality is currently faster download and dual encryption key (public and private) that communicating key allows his friends to share a file.

Encryption hides data exchanged and only authorized users and only an option to upload a file can be accessed.

Still, we are far from the mass of files freely accessible Megaupload time and this new service is thus similar to the exchange of external hard drive - containing a library of sets - that is usually done between friends.

The service is currently in its infancy and has its founder strongly encourages developers to take ownership of the API to create new applications.

Ancillary services specializing in sharing music and movies are apparently under development, all should be ultimately a digital ecosystem interest to the user.

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