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Sculpteo wins 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Best Innovation Award for its 3DPCase application in the category of software and mobile applications.

This application allows you to design a simple and innovative iPhone case in only 2 minutes. The smartphone accessories market is booming. As a result, it directly relates to the rapid development of the mobile sales.

The Gartner institute estimates that 70% of the mobiles sold in 2012 worldwide were smartphones. It envisages in 2013, the mobile devices sold will outnumber the computers sold with more than 1.5 billion devices.

We therefore measured the extent of the iPhone cases market, and introduced the essential mobile accessories that come in all materials and colors to protect your smartphone from scratches and shocks.

However, there is another key factor that will boost the market of smartphones accessories. One of the main features of Sculpteo is the 3D Printing cloud engine. The 3D Printing revolution has started with mass-customisation. This means that it can customise the products and made to measure for everyone.

During the last international exhibition of the Mobile in Milan, Sculpteo presented « The 3D Printing Cloud Engine ». The amazing feature of this 3D printing cloud engine is that it can generate or transfer files in 3D to make objects. « We want to offer the 3D printing to the greatest number » says Clement Moreau and Eric Carreel, the co-founders of Sculpteo.

Sculpteo has established the 3DPCase application on its website. It is the first application that can produce cases with a high level of customisation via a 3D printer. The online application is very simple to use, it allows everyone to create a thin and light case in only a few minutes to reduce the cost of manufacture.

Not only you can enjoy the case designs created by internationally renowned designers, you can also choose your case from the web's leading design inspiration galleries. Finally, to completely finalise your case, the customisation tools allow you to create your unique style by adding your own name printed texts in 3D, textures, patterns or adding your profile picture. The Background Option gives you access to more than a hundred design possibilities for your iPhone case.

Coque iPhone personnalisée

Furthermore, you can become the designer of your iPhone case. The technology is amazing and you will be pleased with the result. In addition to that, you can also create 3D iPhone case from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the mobile app from the AppStore.

3DPCase is free from the Appstore on iOS devices and a 3D printed iPhone case costs from €24/€32. Free basic shipping offered for 2 items bought ! Sculpteo offers fast delivery services. Delivery occurs within 2 to 3 working days throughout the Europe, and 7 days worldwide.


[1] Images Credit : Images - Sculpteo (Press)

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